The Mission Call


and . . . Virginia is for Missionaries

It was a bit of a wait.  The missionary application was submitted on April 12th.  The missionary call came on May 23rd.  But it was worth it.  We worked at the Manti Temple that day.  A friend at the post office called our home at 7 a.m. to let us know the call was here.  Unfortunately we were already at work in our assigned temple tasks.  The surprise came the normal way when we opened the mailbox.

A Google+ hangout was scheduled for the letter opening ceremony.  Mom and Lora Lee were able to join as they were driving home from the annual Memorial Day cemetery trek.  Pat, Susan and the Settles were there.  Other children and grandchildren joined us  from their various locations and Jan opened the envelope.

In later conversation Jan and I both confided that we felt we would go somewhere in the world associated with remoteness.  We are relatively young, relatively heathy and relatively willing.  We pictured shacks, dirt floors, and insects in our future.  The Lord didn’t see it that way.  He blessed us with a call to the Virginia Richmond Mission,  with an assignment to labor with the Charlottesville Virginia CES Programs as CES specialists.

We are pleased and excited.

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One Response to The Mission Call

  1. Annie S. says:

    Dad, this will be great (and that comment includes everything associated with your mission, the blog, etc)

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