Last Day at the Temple

There are many things we will miss when we leave for our mission.  Two in particular stand out – our grandchildren and the Manti Temple.  Of course there are other people we will miss.  If you are reading this blog we will most likely miss you.  Our assignment as Manti Temple workers covered the morning shift on Wednesdays and the morning shift on Saturdays.  This Saturday was the last day of this memorable period as ordinance workers.

The day was memorable not only because it was our last, but because we were able to share it with so many people who are dear to us.  Lora Lee, Kent and Camille left home early and brought  mom to the 8:30 session.  Andrea and David brought Pat.  We were joined by Eric, Kami and Zach to make our company complete.  Jan and I had parts in the endowment session and many of us were able to spend time together at the veil.  The endowment session could not have been better.

All ordinances are personal.  The Lord wants us each to work out our own salvation.  However, the temple endowment is also about husbands and wives and families.  Being together in the Celestial Room made me think of how important it is that I work out my personal salvation and, in addition, how important it is that all of my family is with me.  I would not be happy without you.  Those I love the most can be with me because they have made temple covenants, kept them and gained their own exaltation.  Of course none of this is possible without the Savior and perhaps that is the main reasons we worship him.  Through him we can all be together as a family in a kingdom where we will be eternally happy.

Working at the Manti Temple was such a blessing.  I gained knowledge by reading and memorizing sacred material.  That opportunity is available to only a few.  The temple presidency and other workers explained in detail the ordinances of the temple.  In addition, my mind seemed capable of absorbing information about words and thoughts and order in the Lord’s plan.   Finally, I feel I was able to understand things about temple ordinances that came directly to my mind through personal revelation.

We already miss the temple and plan to return for temple worship as often as possible.  We are thankful that you have temple recommends and pray that your temple worship will be a great blessing in your life.

Ken Ware

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