MTC First Week


With our MTC trainer

Echoing Elder Ware, our first week at the MTC was inspiring.   We met missionaries going all over the world.  Training at the Senior MTC actually made me feel very young.  Most senior missionaries looked to be in their 70’s or 80’s.  How inspiring to see seniors willing to go to Africa or Hungary or the Philippines when home would be easier.

We met so many people with connections to us, our mission, etc.  In our district was Elder Lindgren, who graduated from high school with Ken, the bishop of the ward in the church we were working in was Ken’s former missionary companion, and dozens of folks who wanted us to look up people and family when we arrived in Virginia.  Included was one of our sweet teachers, Sister V., the sister pictured above, a Peruvian native who served in the Richmond mission.  We are excited to meet many great people.

The first person we taught at the TRC was named Stephen Greenwood, his real name.  This became even more precious and poignant an experience thinking about Dad.

Sister Ware

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