Travel to Our Mission

The final three days in the MTC were spent learning about specific opportunities as CES missionaries.  The church education department has a specific format they use in teaching the gospel in seminary and institutes.  The format uses five steps of depth – (1) understand context, (2) identify doctrine and principles, (3) understand doctrine and principles, (4) feel the importance of doctrine and principles and (5) apply doctrine and principles.  We also learned about a second axis, breadth or how to cover all the material you planned to teach.  Of course all teaching depends on the spirit of the Holy Ghost and we examined how to teach with the spirit.

Wednesday at noon we were on our way to Virginia.


Day 1
Elk Mountain Wyoming


Day 2
Nebraska and corn


Day 3
Traveled Iowa. Nauvoo by the end of the day


Day 4
Travel through Illinois and Ohio


Day 5
Sunday and we stopped for church in Sissonville, West Virginia


Day 5
Our apartment in Charlottesville

Our apartment is relatively new, very clean and more than we expected.  We are ready to go to work.

Elder Ware

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One Response to Travel to Our Mission

  1. Annie S. says:

    Looks like a great place to live for the next 18 months. And no yard to take care of – but you’ll have more important work to fulfill.

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