So Many Miracles

Almost every day on our mission we see miracles large and small.  A screaming brake noise turns out to be a little rock stuck in some gear–no damage–no charge for repairs.  Lost items are miraculously found.  Calendar conflicts work themselves out.  We make it to appointments on time even when there is road construction and traffic jams.

I heard from many wise people that working with young people would involve a lot of cooking, and sure enough, that has been the case on our mission.  I have never considered myself a particularly good cook, just a reasonably OK cook.  Cooking has caused some decent-sized panic attacks when pondering menu options.  Miracles continue to happen.  Substituting baking powder for baking soda creates really decent chocolate chip cookies.  After setting the oven timer on a range I’m unfamiliar with, it seems the timer is really not set.  Suddenly, the urge to check the peanut butter bars hits me, I open the oven, and they are done to perfection.  And it’s a recipe I’ve never used before.  All the students, missionaries, young people, etc. love everything I cook!  (OK, I realize that they would eat almost anything because they’re always starving, but nevertheless…)

Another miracle for me has been the ability to use technology effectively for instruction.  I don’t pretend to be a technological genius, and I am constantly thankful that I brought my personal tech support with me on the mission.  Nevertheless, so far, technology has come through for me every time I need it.  Music plays, keynote presentations show up at the proper moment, and Mormon Messages help students get the point and feel the Spirit.

Shortly after we arrived here, President Wilson told us with a smile that two Mandarin-speaking missionaries were coming to Charlottesville, and asked if we happened to know any Mandarin people they could teach.  What?  We soon discovered that there were some Chinese students attending UVA that did speak Mandarin, but not too many.  Then the miracle happened.  Three hundred Mandarin speakers arrived in a bus not only to Charlottesville, but to stay at Abbington Cross, the very apartment complex where the missionaries are staying.  What a miracle!  Of course, there are challenges with the short length of their stay and affiliations with the Communist Party that inhibits some interaction, but a miracle nonetheless.

I feel the Lord’s hand in everything we do.  This is His work and it will go forth according to His will.

Sister Ware


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