“truth will I cause to sweep the earth”

All covenant people in previous generations have looked forward to our day, the dispensation of the fullness of times.  That thought is a little soul-stirring.  You and I live now.  We live in the dispensation of the fullness of times!  The gospel has been restored through the prophet Joseph Smith.  Jesus Christ is preparing a people to accept him at his second coming.

Consider this scripture from Moses 7:61-62, and my comments in parenthesis.

61 And the day shall come that the earth shall rest, (the millennium) but before that day (before the millennium) the heavens shall be darkened, and a veil of darkness shall cover the earth; and the heavens shall shake, and also the earth; and great tribulations shall be among the children of men (D&C Section 29), but my people will I preserve; (great destruction, but righteous people will be preserved)

62 And righteousness will I send down out of heaven; (before the day of great destruction there will be a restoration of righteousness) and truth will I send forth out of the earth,  to bear testimony of mine Only Begotten; (the Book of Mormon, Another Testimony of Jesus Christ) his resurrection from the dead; yea, and also the resurrection of all men; and righteousness and truth will I cause to sweep the earth as with a flood, (the truth will be available to all the earth) to gather out mine elect from the four quarters of the earth, (missionary work) unto a place which I shall prepare, an Holy City, that my people may gird up their loins, and be looking forth for the time of my coming; for there shall be my tabernacle, and it shall be called Zion, a New Jerusalem (Zion is where covenant people live the gospel, it will include the New Jerusalem).

As a missionary the term “righteousness and truth will I cause to sweep the earth as with a flood” seems very exciting.  We all look forward to new and better ways to tell others of the restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ.  How will that happen?  Perhaps like this.

Visiting grandsons with their favorite item, an iPad

Visiting grandsons with their favorite item, an iPad

Or this:

Technology for everyone

Technology for everyone

In one of the breakout sessions of the 2013 LDSTech conference, Jeff Isom, director of the LDS.org website said, “Every month LDS.org gets a little more than 25 million visits. It is believed to be the largest religious website in the world in terms of traffic, design, and content.” (Link : LDS.org Improvements Make Site More User Friendly)

The doctrine of Jesus Christ and the story of his work in these last days is well represented in the website, and the other internet tools used by the church.

During the October 2011 general conference, Elder L. Tom Perry of the Quorum of the Twelve said, “The Church also attracts attention on the Internet, which, as you know, has dramatically changed the way people share information.  At all times of the day across the entire world, the Church and its teachings are being discussed on the Internet, on blogs and social networks, by people who have never written for a newspaper or a magazine.  They are making videos and sharing them online.  These are ordinary people—both members of our faith and of other faiths—who are talking about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  Changes in the way we communicate partly explain why we ‘Mormons’ are more visible than ever.”

Like the prophet Joseph Smith we are sure to be known for good and evil, but we will be known.  It is one of the blessings of living in the fullness of times.

Elder Ware

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