Feeding the 5,000

“when saw we thee an hungred, and fed thee? or thirsty, and gave thee drink?”  (Matt 25:37)

For us, it was right after Christmas at Zone Meeting.  There were not 5,000, only 28, but it seemed like more.


Obviously 5,000 is an exaggeration, but we do have a big zone here in Charlottesville

Regardless of the number, we love spending time with our missionaries and appreciate all they do to serve others.  When possible Sister Ware plans and buys and cooks and delivers and serves food.  I am her assistant.  We make a good team and it makes us happy.

It was a good zone meeting with instruction on setting goals and becoming powerful disciples of Jesus Christ.  After the meeting we met for a meal.  The missionaries know the rules and understand what is proper for them during their missionary service.  The sisters automatically take one table and the elders take the other.


Sisters on the left


Elders on the right

Planning food for a larger group is new for us and we struggled to know the right amount.  Originally we would consider a normal portion, multiply it by the number eating, and add 50% more.  That was not enough.  We doubled the amount.  That was not enough.  Over time we have learned a simpler way to make the calculation.  It is simply this . . . they win.  No matter how much you cook they can eat it, so cook plenty and when the food is gone the meal is over.

For example, with this meal everyone had plenty to eat and food remained in the church kitchen.  That is when the eating moves to the kitchen.


Rendezvous in the kitchen. At this point only a little salad remains.

So you see, they win.  But who deserves to win in this world more than missionaries who are dedicated, sacrifice for the benefit of others, and make this world a better place by sharing the restored gospel of Jesus Christ.

For those who are walking and on bikes eating is no problem.  For some of the rest of us plenty of good food on a regular basis can affect our waistlines.  To help us develop proper perspective, Sister and President Wilson have initiated a fun contest.  It has a great name, “Fit for the Kingdom”.   Here’s how it works.  The zone weighs in now and at later dates, with the final trip to the scales in April.  The zone who loses the most total weight wins an additional P-day.


Lots of smiles while on the scales.

The Charlottesville Zone is sure to win the contest.  The reason is simple.  Our initial weigh in was after the meal at zone meeting.  In April we will hit the scales before the meal.

“And they that had eaten were about five thousand men, beside women and children.” (Matt 14:21)

Elder Ware

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One Response to Feeding the 5,000

  1. Annie S. says:

    I suggest salads for upcoming Zone meetings!

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