Lions and Lambs, Love from a Distance and Kolob

Each post needs a title – something catchy to seize a readers interest.  The title of this post rambles on.  The term rambling probably applies to the entire post, but perhaps, if you are interested enough to read on, you will make connections.

Lions and Lambs

March is an odd month.  It is not objectionable like January.  It is not enjoyable like May.  It is not spectacular like October, nor festive like December.  Instead, it is an odd month of transition, almost always starting cold, but ending with improvement.  Its changeable nature leads to the expression, “in like a lion and out like a lamb”.

Folklore behind the idiom obviously relates to weather.  The phrase also applies to the movement of constellations.  Looking to the stars you see March begins as the constellation Leo then moves across the heavens toward the celestial meridian.  Leo is the Lion.  As Leo marches away, the constellation Aries begins to rise in the night sky.  This happens toward the end of the month.  Aries is the Ram, a grown up lamb.  Truthfully, connecting dots in the sky is awfully difficult, but you get the picture.

Although March is an odd month, Jan and I like it.  She was born on March 31st.  I was born on March 1st.  She is quick to point out the lion and lamb connection.  Without saying it, there is the insinuation that the personalities of the parties involved correspond to the idiom.  I don’t go along with that idea, although I may be forever cementing the thought in the minds of everyone by writing about it in a blog.

Love from a Distance

Grand-children, and their thoughtful parents, remember our birthdays and other special occasions.  Despite our absence they send us love.  “Love is homemade” applies to the gifts sent by our grandsons (no grand-daughters yet, although that may change).   Here are some artistic offerings.

Within days of arriving in our Charlottesville mission, we received this encouragement.  It came from our pre-kindergarten grandson with the kind help of his Primary teacher.


First to adorn the refrigerator door

Christmas brought the gift of the best calendar ever made. Each month has a hand, foot and/or finger tip picture.  Here’s the entry for April.


A hands umbrella protects feet chicks from fingertip rain

The oldest grandson has talent to spare in everything he does.  How about an origami rose?


Roses are red – sent with love and no thorns

The second grandson is the picture of perfection in his work.  It shows in imaginative art and quality handwriting.   Impressive for a 10-year-old boy.


Sometimes wisdom comes from young owls

More feet and hands.  When we left these feet could walk; now they run!


It appears he was still just long enough to get these prints

We’ve seen plenty of feet and hands.  Eyes are added to this gesture of love.


The oldest signs his name at 3 years old. The youngest just smiles.

The grandson who first made the refrigerator door is now in kindergarten.  His writing skills are skyrocketing.


Love from our bug

Known as Sister Ware in the mission, but Nana to her grandsons, Jan gets a life-sized cut-out in the mail, two boys who deliver a birthday hug.


Step up for a hug


William W. Phelps has 26 LDS hymns to his credit, including “Praise to the Man” and “The Spirit of God.”  Among those hymns is If You Could Hie to Kolob.  I had to look it up, but hie has Old English roots and means “to go to quickly”.   After we received our mission call we hied out to Virginia.

If you went quickly to Kolob you would go to a celestial body, a star, the place where God dwells as explained in the Book of Abraham (Abraham 3:3,9).

The word itself, Kolob, draws our attention.  It sounds strange.  And, of course, we are all interested in the hard to picture place where God dwells.  The location of Kolob is most likely in some distant galaxy, far from us.  But, just like love coming from grandsons in Utah, love comes to us from the distant Kolob.  It is love with eternal consequences.

The love of God comes to us in the form of his son, Jesus Christ.  The Savior testified of himself:

“For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.” (John 3:16)

Perhaps you made all the connections in a rambling post.  We are blessed.  Love is all around us.

Elder Ware

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One Response to Lions and Lambs, Love from a Distance and Kolob

  1. alichuntz says:

    I LOVE your posts because they teach me so much! This one with pictures from your grandchildren are especially wonderful. We love you guys!

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